WELCOME to Niederanven, LUXEMBURG!

Since 1996 we have guided our members actively across the nature. First we started with classes only throughout the summer season when Fitness- and Aerobic-clubs within the communes of Niederanven, Betzdorf and Junglinster were closed due to holidays. The first years we only offered walking classes as Nordic-Walking was not known during that time. This changed suddenly in 1999 and Nordic-Walking (NW) started its remarkable uplift.

Beside the fact that at the beginning Nordic walkers were quite with a smile and titled as ‘skier without poles’ our enthusiastic team of coaches could inspire quite a lot of new participants. It’s notable that we managed to motivate both: sport beginners as well as former top-athletes, to try the new sport. Consequently the name of Nidderaanwen-Betzder asbl was changed to Nordic & Walk Luxembourg asbl.

Due to the increasing demand we had to offer more and more classes and together with the fact that NW was named as a very healthy movement the sport was established all over the country.

We are very proud that we could party 2019 the 20th anniversary of Nordic&Walk Luxembourg asbl which we will celebrate with a Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019, international event.

For more information about the Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019 event please look at (NW Event 2019 Registration):