WELCOME to Niederanven, LUXEMBURG!

PLEASE NOTE: After doing registration you will receive information about accommodation possibilities. Accommodation costs variates between Single room € 89.- /per night and Double room € 99.- /per night.


The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg is a small cosmopolitan country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. Thanks to a diverse range of attractions and its location at the heart of Europe it’s an excellent tourist destination. The thousand year old capital and five regions each have their own unique flavour and discoveries to be made.

Enjoy different landscapes of nature in the Ardennes in the North, the rocky sandstone formations of the Mullerthal area in the East, the Moselle valley with its vineyards in the South-East, the industrial past of the Redrock Region in the South and the calm and peaceful environment of the Guttland in the West.

The event area in Niederanven as well as accomodations are well placed close to the City of Luxembourg, embedded in a beautiful landscape.


"Since 1996 we have guided our members actively across the nature. First we started with classes only throughout the summer season when Fitness- and Aerobic-clubs within the communes of Niederanven, Betzdorf and Junglinster were closed due to holidays. The first years we only offered walking classes as Nordic-Walking was not known during that time. This changed suddenly in 1999 and Nordic-Walking (NW) started its remarkable uplift.

Beside the fact that at the beginning Nordic walkers were quite with a smile and titled as ‘skier without poles’ our enthusiastic team of coaches could inspire quite a lot of new participants. It’s notable that we managed to motivate both: sport beginners as well as former top-athletes, to try the new sport. Consequently the name of Nidderaanwen-Betzder asbl was changed to Nordic & Walk Luxembourg asbl.

Due to the increasing demand we had to offer more and more classes and together with the fact that NW was named as a very healthy movement the sport was established all over the country.

We are very proud that we could party 2019 the 20th anniversary of Nordic&Walk Luxembourg asbl which we will celebrate with a Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019, international event."

For more information about the Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019 Race in Luxemburg you can find from HERE

4.10.2019 Friday program

14.00h Welcome Snack, Einschreibung welcome, inscription

15.00h Nordic Walking Touren / NW warm up tour

  • Tour 1 ab Loisi Richtung senningerberg; 5,9km
  • Tour 2 ab Loisi Richtung Senningerberg; 8,5km
  • Tour 3 an Loisi Richtung Senningerberg; 10,9km

18.00h Offizielle Eröffnung mit Begrüssung / official opening

Ansprachen der Ehrengäste / speech / anschliessend Walking Dinner o.ä. followed by walking dinner

5.10.2019 Saturday program NWWCUP RACE DAY

09.00h Nordic Walking Touren / Strecken von 8/12/20km, teilweise mit Zeitmessung / NW & Intern. NWWCUP races

  • Touren ab Chalet Groussbësch; Runden à 2,5km / 5km-10km-21km
  • Tour 1 ab Chalet Groussbësch; ca. 9,5km

13.30h Aktiv-Programm mit u.a. NW-Biathlon / Familientour Workshops / Nordic Walking Power supporting active programm

  • Sport-Programm, Familien-Animation, Konferenzen Sport & Gesundheit Kulturprogramm, Fotoausstellung

17.30h Siegerehrung / award ceremony

18.00h Weinprobe mit Domaines Vinsmoselle und Luxemburger Musik (Fernand Poos)

19.00-23.00h 20-er Party mit Musik & Buffet / 20 years party, music & buffet

6.10.2019 Sunday program

09.00h Nordic Walking Touren / Strecken von 8/12km NW

  • Tour 1 ab Loisi Richtung Naturschutzgebiet Aarnescht; ca.5km
  • Tour 2 ab Loisi Richtung Naturschutzgebiet Aarnescht, ca.10km

09.30h Kultur & Geschichte-Tour / cultural & historical NW tour

  • geführte Wanderung vom ORT Guttland; Strecke noch zu definieren im Bereich Einsiedelei Schetzel; ca. 6km; mit Animation durch eine Theatergruppe

13.00h Ausklang & Verabschiedung / end of event

Find NWWCUP Niederanven, LUXEMBURG event / race Maps / links


Nordic Walking Welcome Tour for everybody – SHORT. Discover village & nature around Niederanven. Point of departure/arrival Centre sportif “Am Sand” 5,54 km.

Nordic Walking Welcome Tour for everybody – MIDDLE. Discover village & nature around Niederanven. Point of departure / arrival Centre sportif “Am Sand” 8,51 km.


Nordic Walking Welcome Tour for everybody – LONG. Discover village & nature around Niederanven. Point of departure / arrival Centre sportif “Am Sand” 11,1km.

Point of departure ANF Waldhaff Shuttle from Hotel and/or Centre sportif & Culturel Am Sand. Distance 4,01km Guided Tour.
NW Tour Sunday 06.october from 09.00am. Starting / arrival point Centre culturel & sportif Am SandImpressions of village & nature 9km.
Nordic Walking Tour Inclusion / Participation Special Olympics (https://www.specialolympics.lu) / residents of retirement home Point of departure / arrival Centre sportif “Am Sand” 2,4km.
NW Tour Saturday 05 october from 2pm. Discover Nature Reserve 5,99km Start / Arrival Centre culturel & sportif Am Sand, Oberanven.
Nordic Walking Tour for everybody. Point of departure/arrival at Chalet Groussebesch from 09.00am Shuttle from Event area Am Sand to Parking; +/- 600m foot path to starting point 12,4km.