Nordic Walking World CUP 2019 powered by ONWF

Every year Nordic Walking races are becoming more popular. ONWF was taking part in many of them around the Globe. That is why we dare to unite many great races around under one roof. The main goal is to unite Nordic Walking fans and give the opportunity to celebrate the movement in it is Original Way. We all were using 4 legs in childhood while crawling. Motion is important for human being. It creates emotion and contributes to healthy way of living and positive attitude. We are aiming to unite all Nordic Walkers from all clubs and organization.

What is Nordic Walking World Cup?
It´s a serie of Nordic Walking races in different countries and different cities uniting cultures, organisations, companies and individuals encouraging people towards well being, motion with the help of best physical activity in the world. Nordic Walking.
Who can take part in Nordic Walking World Cup?
  • Nordic Walking Racing Enthusiasts and Challengers
  • Nordic Walking Fans, Travellers, Exercises
  • Nordic Walking Families, Supporting Teams
  • Everybody!

Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019

1) 30.-31.3.2019 Girona, Catalonia / Spain

2) 13.-14.4. 2019 Kiev, Ukraine

3) 18.-19.5.2019 St.Petersburg, Russia

4) 20.-21.7.2019 Finland, Savonlinna

5) 15.9.2019 Perpignan, France

6) 29.9.2019 Moscow, Russia

7) 5.10.2019 Niederanven, Luxemburg

8) 12.10.2019 Suchy Bór, Poland

Positive feelings from 2018 World Championships in Mosina, Poland

Let’s share our values and passion! - Love, Peace and Nordic Walking!

"Simple and Sensational» way to get together no matter what club, organization or associating we belong to, what poles we are walking with!

1. NWWCUP in GIRONA (Catalonia, Spain) 31.3.2019

2. NWWCUP in KIEV (Ukraine) 14.4.2019

3. NWWCUP in St.PETERSBURG (Russia) 19.5.2019

4. NWWCUP in SAVONLINNA (Finland) 21.7.2019

NWWCUP in PERPIGNAN (France) 15.9.2019


ONWF mission is to unit member individuals, organizations and industry partners in education, research and promotional projects aimed at increasing participation in Nordic Walking and thus creating a critically needed positive impact on public health on every continent around the globe. Our central focus will be on empowering and encouraging people of all ages, abilities and means to enjoy a more active life and in doing so prevent the onset of many of the epidemic diseases of sedentary living through regular enjoyment of the body, mind and spirit-nurturing benefits of Original Nordic Walking from Finland.



Moscow NWWCUP 29.9.2019 Results(10/1/19)
Moscow NWWCUP 29.9.2019 Results You will find from HERE

Daily program of NWWCUP in Niederanven, Luxemburg(10/1/19)
Please, find below the detailed other available program beside race schedule of NWWCUP event in Niederanven/ Luxemburg. Race schedules and other information please..

Moscow Calling!(9/27/19)
Moscow calling in 2 days! Next Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019 Race Event in Moscow 29.9.2019. More information:  #nordicwalkingworldcup #nwwcup official..

NWWCUP Perpignan results(9/17/19)
Find Perpignan results 14km HERE Find Perpignan results 21km HERE

Check NWWCUP 2019 Points!(9/12/19)
Check NWWCUP 2019 current points FROM HERE Remember: in the end all collected points from all races (8) and distances (5,10,21km) will be calculated together!

Marko Kantaneva goes LIVE 24.9.2019(8/23/19)
Marko Kantaneva goes LIVE 24th of September 12:00 Moscow time on @markokantaneva instagram account to talk about NW racing technic and announcing the contest. - ..

Results Savonlinna Nordic Walking World Cup(7/22/19)
Thank you for great Savonlinna Nordic Walking World Cup competition to all the racers. Below is the link to the results:

Savonlinna NWWCUP race info(7/17/19)
Dear friends, Thank you for registration for the Nordic Walking World Cup in Savonlinna, Finland. We would like to inform you about the agenda of the event. ..

Savonlinna NWWCUP Race In News(7/17/19)
We had yesterday, Tuesday 16.7.2019 a great chance to be part of Finnish TV channel YLE 1 Yle Mikkeli evening broadcast. Talking about Race #nordicwalking and of..

Sauvakävelyn maailmancup 21.7.2019 Savonlinnassa(7/4/19)
21.7.2019 järjestetään Savonlinnassa Pyhän Olavin maratonin yhteydessä myös kansainvälinen sauvakävelyn maailmancup osakilpailu. Suomen osakilpailu tuo kaupunkiin..

Perpignan, France 15.9.19. Registration is Open!(6/17/19)
NWWCUP Race distances in Perpignan, France are 14km and 21km. We have open up registration already! More information about the race, accommodation and traveling..

Savonlinna, Finland registration for TEAMS/GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS(5/30/19)
Hi, if you are looking for to register your TEAM/GROUP to Savonlinna, Finland Nordic Walking world Cup 21.7.2019 Here is the link for team/group registration: https://en..

New Cities and Countries of 2019 NWWCUP Tour(5/23/19)
NWWCUP Tour 2019 Updated New Cities and Countries. WELCOME!!:  - 15.9.2019 Perpignan, France 🇫🇷 (more information soonest) - 22.9.2019 Moscow,..

St.Petersburg NWWCUP "Sand Race" Results(5/23/19)
First official St.Petersburg NWWCUP "Sand Race"results you can find from HERE Results in Western Letters coming soonest on this site!

PRESS RELEASE 14.5.2019: Italian Nordic Walking World Cup Race Canceled(5/14/19)
PRESS RELEASE 14.5.2019 After 4 months negotiations and careful instructions Italian race organiser Mr.Riccardo Couch was still unable to fulfil requirements and..

Welcome to St.Petersburg 19.5.2019!(5/5/19)
Interview of St.Petersburg NWWCUP race/event organisers Mr.Nikolay Shustrov and Mrs.Irina Markovskaya in NWWCUP Tour 2019 opening race Girona. Register to St.Petersburg HERE:..

World Cup Points Kiev 14.4.2019(5/2/19)
Nordic Walking World Cup Points Ladies, KIEV 2019 Nordic Walking World Cup Points Men, KIEV 2019

Kiev NWWCUP 14.4.2019 Overall Results(5/2/19)
LADIES >>Ladies 5km >>Ladies 10km >>Ladies 21.1km MEN >>Men 5km >>Men 10km >>Men 21.1km

One More Time (with love❤️) NORDIC WALKING RACING TECHNIQUE (simple) 1) FOOTWORK 🦶 - no running (one foot on a ground) 2)ARMWORK 💪..

Kiev NWWCUP 14.4.2019 Results(4/17/19)
While we are waiting Kiev NWWCUP race results also in English here's the link from where you can look >> CURRENT RESULTS >>

Overall World Cup Points 2019 Men´s(4/9/19)
Find Men´s current World Cup Points standing in different categories and distances from HERE>>

Overall World Cup Points 2019 Ladies(4/8/19)
Find ladies current World Cup Points standing in different categories and distances from HERE>> In photo on right, Ladies (36-45) 21km Winner in Girona..

Registration is open for St.Petersburg, Russian NWWCUP race(4/5/19)
Register HERE!

NEXT NWWCUP in KIEV 13.-14.4.2019 !!(4/5/19)
We are counting days to have a chance to meet all Nordic Walking friends again in KIEV after GIRONA. 7 DAYS TO GO!! ...if you have not register yet do it HERE

NWWCUP Girona results(4/1/19)
Official Nordic Walking World Cup General Results / distance: 5 km LADIES 5 km MEN 10 km LADIES 10 km MEN 21 km LADIES 21 km MEN

3/27/19  ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR... GIRONA is just behind the door!!
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1/23/19  St.Petersburg registration will open in few days!
1/23/19  Registration is open for KIEV, Ukraine NWWCUP race
1/23/19  NWWCup Special Prize Poles by VIPOLE
1/17/19  Savonlinna, Finland registration opens 18.1.2019
1/15/19  PRESS RELEASE: NWWCUP Official Pole Brand is VIPOLE
1/9/19  Opening Race Girona registration will open at 21.1.2019!
1/7/19  NWWCUP Italy 21.-22.9.2019
1/4/19  Alright! We are on a move!
1/4/19  Who can take part in Nordic Walking World Cup?
1/4/19  Nordic Walking World Cup Tour 2019
1/4/19  What is Nordic Walking World Cup?
12/29/18  Girona, Kiyv and St.Petersburg race information is available!